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Hotel MM Antequera

We have various meeting rooms that have a capacity of 250, 500 or 1200 people, they are very suitable for business and for private events. All Halls are equipped with modern audiovisual and pedagogical tools.

Furthermore, we would like to inform you that we have at your disposal a number of spacious halls, which are available for any sort of event and suitably equipped with audiovisual systems.

Our halls' rates (including water, paper and ballpoint pens) are:

Reading Room. Capacity: 20 assistants Price
Day 112.96 €
½ Day 74.60 €

Sala Antequera. Capacity: 30 Assistants Price
Day 112.96 €
½ Day 74.60 €

Salón la Peña. Capacity: 200 assistants (max) Price
Day 262.58 €
½ Day 187.15 €

Salón Roma. Capacity: 500 assistants (max) Price
Day 599.96 €
½ Day 447.97 €

Salón Las Villas. Capacity: 1200 assistants (más) Price
Day 899.53 €
½ Day 598.34 €

This prices must be increased by 21% Tax.